Formatted Text Generator

Build a custom string from an array.
  • Formatted String - enter your string. Use {<indexNumber>} to reference an index.

  • + Add - use this button to add more rows (indices) to the array.

  • 0:String - the first index in the array.

If you enter {0} into the Formatted String it will be replaced with the contents of the 0:String index. If 0:String contained "Crazy" and then entering Here's to the {0} ones. into the Formatted String would return "Here's to the crazy ones."

Indices accept strings as inputs. To connect a value use a Value String Generator.

Non indexed entries (empty curly brackets) are enumerated on based on their position in the string. For example, a string containing {} {} {} is the equivalent of {0} {1} {2}. This is also true where indexed and non indexed entries exist in the same string. For example, {2} {} {1} {} would be interpreted as {2} {0} {1} {1}