Velocity Magnitude Context

Beta Feature. To enable, check Enable Beta Features in Preferences.

Strength - a multiple for the output.

Offset - add or subtract a value to the output.

You can use this node to extract speed data. For example, the Duplicator adds velocity data by default. You can use this context to e.g. change the colour of something depending on its speed.

Example usage:

  1. Create a Polygon.

  2. Add the Polygon to a Duplicator.

  3. Add Noise to the Duplicator's Shape Position.

  4. Create a Velocity Magnitude Context.

  5. Connect > polygon.fillColorR (the Polygon's red channel)

As the shapes within the Duplicator move around the screen, their color changes depending on the speed they are traveling at. You may need to increase the Strength on the Velocity Magnitude Context to increase the effect.