Alpha Material Override

Override the alpha within sub-meshes.


Material Overrides allow you to edit materials inside complex/deep mesh structures like SVGs or Text. This can be achieved via the Sub-Mesh Behaviour's Fill or Stroke tabs.

When you add an Alpha Material Override to a Sub Mesh you can blend between the original alpha and the one you set. You can then, for example, connect a Falloff to the Sub-Mesh to control the effect.


‚ÄčCommon Attributes +

Alpha - set a value for the alpha.

  1. Import an SVG into the Assets Window.

  2. Drag it in to the Viewport to create an SVG Shape.

  3. Connect a Sub-Mesh to the Deformer attribute of the SVG Shape.

  4. On the Sub-Mesh, switch to the Fill tab in the Attribute Editor.

  5. Use the + button to add an Alpha Material Override to the Fill Overrides attribute.

  6. Set Alpha to 0.

  7. On the Sub-Mesh, open the Falloff tab and right click to add a Falloff.

  8. Move the Falloff over the SVG Shape.

As the Falloff moves over parts of the SVG they will become transparent.

Overriding the alpha in an SVG from 100 to 0 via a Falloff