Material Sampler

‚ÄčCommon Attributes +

Value - a multiplier.

Input Path - connect a Shape with a Material to sample from.

Graph - use the graph to remap the output values.

Offset - add/subtract a value to the output(s).

Example usage:

  1. Import an image. to the Assets Window.

  2. Drag the image into the Scene Window (this will create a Footage Shape).

  3. Create a Material Sampler.

  4. Connect > materialSampler.inputPath.

  5. Create a Rectangle

  6. With the Rectangle selected, alt/option + click the Duplicator Shelf item.

  7. Connect > duplicator.shapeScale.

The shapes will be scaled dependent on the image.

The Material Sampler does not currently support frame changes when used within a Pre Comp. Please try and use a Group instead of a Composition if possible as a workaround.