Deform and affect Shapes using wave patterns.

‚ÄčCommon Attributes +

Strength Fade to Zero - when checked, Strength (including Falloffs) will interpolate between 0 and the result. When unchecked it will interpolate between the Minimum and Maximum values.

Use Normals - when checked deformation will be based on the normals of the Shape. When unchecked points are scaled from the middle of the shape. Only relevant when used as a Deformer.


  • Sine -

  • Cosine -

  • Tangent -

Wave Style

  • Normal -

  • Square -

  • Triangle -

  • Sawtooth -

Minimum - set the minimum height of the wave

Maximum - set the maximum height of the wave

Frequency - set the frequency of the waves (a higher number will create more frequent waves).

Separate Channels - generate different values for x and y

Value Offset - offset the min/max values

Time Scale - affect the period of the wave (see tip below)

Stagger - when used with a Duplicator this will stagger the results across duplicates.

When connecting Oscillator to e.g. position.x on a Shape use Time Scale to speed up the oscillation.