The stage you compose your Elements on.

Double clicking a Composition node in the Scene Window will open that Composition. To access these settings drag a Composition from the Scene Window into the Attribute Editor.

Position - set the Shape's position. 0,0 is in the centre of your comp.

Rotation - set the Shape's rotation. (in degrees).

Scale - set the Shape's scale.

Pivot - define the pivot point for the shape. This is useful when animating rotation and scale.

Opacity - set the Shape's opacity.

Blend Mode - set the blend mode.

Deformers - a list of connected Deformers.

Filters - a list of connected Filters.

Motion Blur - enable motion blur.

Use these attributes to animate your Composition. To adjust settings like Resolution or Frame Rate see Composition Settings.

The only way to create a Composition is via the Assets Window or the menus. It cannot be created via the Elements Window.