Create an outline shape along an input shape.

‚ÄčCommon Attributes +

Input Path - connect a path to create an Outline around.

Width - set the width of the Outline.

Offset - set the distance away from the Input Path to draw the Outline.

Cap Style:

  • Flat - set the caps to be flat

  • Projecting - set the caps to project

  • Round - set the caps to be rounded

Join Style:

  • Mitre - set joints to be mitred

  • Bevel - set joints to be bevelled

  • Round - set the joints to be rounded

Mitre Limit -

Trim - when enabled the controls below are available.

Start - set the percentage along the Input Path the Outline will start.

End - set the percentage along the Input Path the Outline will end.

Travel - move the Outline around the Input Shape.

Reverse Path - reverse the direction the Outline travels around the Input Path.

Clean Up - Outline can create unwanted geometry in some cases. While this can usually be safely ignored checking Clean Up will remove any such geometry if that's causing issues with your set up. Note - using this feature will affect performance.

An Outline is not a stroke. While it can be used as such it is actually a Shape and so can be used in the same way as any other shape (i.e. it can be deformed or used as a distribution path etc)