Quad Tree Shape

Generate procedural grids.

Quad Tree uses a distribution of points to subdivide a square into smaller squares depending on the density of points.

Common Attributes +

Generator - select a Distribution Type.

Size - set the dimensions of the source square [x,y].

Max. Iterations - the maximum number of times to attempt to subdivide the square.

Example usage:

  1. Create a Quad Tree Shape.

  2. Set the Generator to Random.

  3. Reduce the Count to 5.

  4. Create a Shape.

  5. Give it a different color (use the Fill tab in the Attribute Editor).

  6. With the Shape selected, alt + click the Duplicator icon in the Shelf.

  7. Set the Distribution type on the Duplicator to Sub Mesh.

  8. Connect the Quad Tree to the Input Shape of the Duplicators Sub Mesh Distribution.

  9. Adjust the Seed on the Quad Tree to adjust the subdivision.

You can extend this idea by using other Compositions in place of the Shape. There's an example here - https://www.instagram.com/p/B3H8j9THWpz/