Type Shape

Generate text

Once the Text Shape has the Spacing and Monospace features this Shape will be deprecated.

‚ÄčCommon Attributes +

Text - enter your text here.

shift + enter/return will create a soft return. Pressing enter/return will commit your changes.

Font - select your font and weight.

If you select a Variable Font a small icon will appear to the right. Click this icon to load a pop up window with the options provided by the font.

Font Size - set the size of your font.

+ button - add a String Generator.

Alignment - align text to the left, centre or right.

Vertical Alignment - align text to the top, centre or bottom.

Spacing - set the distance between characters.

Word Spacing - set the distance between words.

Line Spacing - set the distance between lines.

String Manipulators - add a String Manipulator.

Force Monospacing - remove any kerning from non monospace fonts (useful when animating text strings but need to maintain each character's position).

Monospace Multiplier - increase or decrease the space between monospaced characters.

See Sub Mesh for animating Type.