Generate trails (lines) from Shapes.

Beta Feature. To enable, check Enable Beta Features in Preferences.

Common Attributes +

Input Shapes - connect a shape or shapes to create trails from.

Limit Length - when checked the trail(s) length will be limited to a maximum Length value.

Length - set the maximum length for the trail(s). Note - inactive when Limit Length is unchecked.

Start Frame - set the first frame for the Trail(s) to appear.

Path Type - select the curve type:

  • Beziers - Trails will be created as bezier curves.

  • Lines - Trails will be created as polygonal lines.

Example usage:

  1. Create a Shape.

  2. With the Shape selected, alt click the Duplicator icon in the Shelf.

  3. In the Attribute Editor, right click on the Duplicator's Shape Position attribute and select Add Behaviour > Noise.

  4. Load the Noise's Attribute Editor UI.

  5. Increase the Strength to e.g. 500.

  6. Create a Trails Shape.

  7. Connect > trails.inputShapes.

  8. Hide the Duplicator.

  9. Press Play.