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Proxy Server

Set up a proxy server to sign in to your account.

You can set up Cavalry to make its https request to the licence server via a proxy server. This is commonly necessary within corporate networks.

Set Up#

To set this up simply open the Web Proxy roll down on the Sign In page and enter your details.

Enable - enable/ disable the server.

Address - the IP and Port Number. e.g.

Username - enter your username (optional).

Password - enter your password (optional).


Note - in order to retrospectively change these settings you'll need to go Help > Sign Out to bring up the Sign In window.

Legacy Set Up#


The below is a legacy method. It still works but will be deprecated. The Sign In Window above is the primary solution.

  • Create a text file called web_proxy.json containing the following code (replacing the url and port number with appropriate settings for your network):
{  "address": ""}
  • Place this file in:
    • macOS - ~/Library/Preferences/Cavalry/
    • Windows - C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Cavalry\
  • Restart Cavalry
  • Sign in.

AppData and ~/Library are hidden folders. To find them:

  • Windows - check 'Hidden Items' in the View options for Explorer.
  • macOS - in Finder, Library will appear if you hold option as you open the Go menu.
Download an example file.File

Further flags can be added to the file if required.

{  "address": "",  "enabled": true,  "username": "yourUsername",  "password": "yourPassword"}

"enabled" - this can be set to true or false and is useful when you want to disable the proxy server but not trash your settings. "username" and "password" can be used if your proxy requires authentication.

Download an example template.File