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Apply Distribution

Experimental Feature

This is an experimental feature. To enable, check Enable Experimental Features in Preferences. Experimental features are only available as part of a Professional licence.


Apply Distribution can be used to distribute sub-meshes. For example, distribute the characters of a Text Shape in a radial pattern.


Distribution - See Distribution Types.

Level Mode - These presets set the Level values for you:

  • Custom... - Manually set the Level attribute.
  • Text (Lines) - Sets a Level values of 1.
  • Text (Words) - Sets a Level value of 2.
  • Text (Characters) - Sets a Level value of 3.

Custom Level - Manually set the Level value. See Sub-Mesh for more info on Levels.

Horizontal Centre -

Vertical Centre -

  1. Hold Option/Alt and click the Text tool in the Toolbar to create a default Text Shape.
  2. In the Attribute Editor, click the + button on the Text Shape's Deformers attribute.
  3. Choose Apply Distribution from the list.
  4. Set the Apply Distribution's Distribution to Circle.
  5. Set the Count to 7 (to match the number of characters in the string).