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A Boolean can be used to remove or add shapes to other shapes. It differs to a Clipping Mask in that it is editing the actually geometry rather than just removing it from the Viewport meaning that features like Strokes will update according to the resulting mesh.


Common Attributes +

Clipping Shapes - Connect shapes to boolean the master shape with.


  • Union - Adds to the Shape.
  • Subtract - Removes part of the Shape.
  • Intersect - Remove everything outside of the Shape to leave only the overlapping areas.
  • Exclude - Show only the areas that do not overlap (the opposite of Intersect).

Booleans are additive so each operation will act on the result of the operations above it.

  1. Draw 2 Rectangles with the Rectangle tool so that they overlap each other.
  2. In the Attribute Editor, click the + icon next to the Deformers attribute on Rectangle1.
  3. Select Boolean from the list.
  4. Double click the Boolean to load it into the Attribute Editor.
  5. Connect rectangle2.idboolean.clippingShapes.
  6. Set the visibility on Rectangle2 to off in the Scene Window (click the 'eye' icon).
  7. Set the Mode to Subtract.

Rectangle2 is now removed from Rectangle1.