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Use and manipulate time to drive other attributes.


Common Attributes +

Value - Set a multiplier for time.

Interpolation Mode - Determine how the value is output:

  • Frame - Output the current frameValueframe * Value.
  • Seconds - Increase the value every second (depends on the Frame Rate of the Composition).

Cycle Length - When Interpolation Mode is set to Seconds, set how many seconds it takes to add the 'value'.

Graph - When Interpolation Mode is set to Seconds, adjust the interpolation of the value over a second. See Graph Attribute.

Offset - Offset the time in frames.

Start Frame - Set a frame for time to begin on.

Time - An auto connection to the Composition's time.

  1. Create a Basic Line.
  2. Set its Pivot.X to 100.
  3. Right click on the Basic Line's Rotation attribute and choose Add Behaviour > Frame.
  4. Set the Frame Behaviour's:
    • Interpolation Mode to Seconds.
    • Open the Graph and set the left point's Position to 0.95.
    • Set the Value to -6 (a clock's second hand rotates 6° every second).
  5. Press Play.

This will create the second hand of a ticking clock.