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Move or deform Shapes along a path.


Common Attributes +

Travel - Move the Shape along a percentage of the Input Shape’s length.

Loop - When checked, a Shape will return to the beginning of the Path and continue animating. When unchecked a shape will continue in the direction of the first/ last point.

Reverse Input Path - Reverse the direction of the Input Path.

Input Shape - Connect a Shape to position/deform the Shape along.

Example (Deformer)
  1. Create a Rectangle.
  2. Set the Edge Divisions for the Rectangle's Width (W) to 20.
  3. Click the + icon next to Deformers on the Rectangle and add a Pathfinder.
  4. Draw a path with the Pen tool.
  5. Connect path.idpathfinder.inputShape.
Example (animate along a path)
  1. Create an Ellipse.
  2. Draw a path with the Pen tool.
  3. Create a Pathfinder.
  4. Connect path.idpathfinder.inputShape.
  5. Connect pathfinder.idellipse.position.

Use the Align behaviour to pin Shapes to their top/ bottom/ left/ right edges before adding a Pathfinder to deform shapes on the inside or outside of the Input Path.