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Swap Color Override


Material Overrides allow you to edit materials inside complex/deep mesh structures like SVGs or Text. This can be achieved via the Sub-Mesh Behaviour's Fill or Stroke tabs.

The Swap Color Override enables you to take one specific color within a Sub-Mesh (e.g. an SVG, Text Shape or Duplicator) and swap it for another one.


Common Attributes +

Old Color - Set the color to swap from.

New Color - Set the color to swap from the Old Color to.

  1. Import an SVG into the Assets Window.
  2. Drag it in to the Viewport to create an SVG Shape.
  3. Connect a Sub Mesh to the Deformer attribute of the SVG Shape.
  4. On the Sub Mesh, switch to the Fill tab in the Attribute Editor.
  5. Use the + button to add a Swap Color to the Fill Overrides attribute.
  6. Set a value for Old Color that matches one in the SVG.
  7. Set a value for New Color to swap Old Color to.
Swapping the color in an SVG from pink to green via a Falloff.