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Random Distribution


Randomly position points.


Shape - Set the Shape to distribute points within.

Size - Set the size for the Shape.

Count - Set the number of points.

Seed - Set the random seed.

Use Probability - Position points based on a Probability value.

Probability - The higher the value the more likely it will return 'true'. For example, connecting a Material Sampler or Image Sampler to this attribute with a greyscale image or gradient would mean that the points are more likely to be scattered in the lighter areas.

Points positions are biased towards the higher values in the gradient.

Threshold - Set clip values [low, high]. Using the example above, a Threshold of L = 0 and H = 1 would mean the full range of dark and light values are used. Any Probability values outside of this threshold are skipped.

Relax - When checked, the points will try to move away from each other.

Relax Distance - Set the distance the points are trying to move away from each other.

Max Iterations - Set how many times the relax algorithm is run. A higher number is more accurate but slower.

Keep Shape - When checked, any points positioned outside of the Size parameters will be culled.