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Create an Capsule primitive as part of a Basic Shape.


Radius - Set the radius for the start (S) and end (E) of the Capsule.


  • Length - The Capsule is drawn based on a length from the Start Point to the End Point. In this mode, the Start Point is set by the Capsule Shape's Position.
  • Start/End - The Capsule is drawn between the positions of a Start and End point.

Length - Set the Length of the Capsule.

Start - Set the position for the centre of the start of the Capsule.

End - Set a position for the centre of the end of the Capsule.

Trim Ends - Offset the start/ end position along the Capsule's length.

Bézier - When checked the start and end are created from bézier points.

Edge Divisions - Set the number of divisions between points. This is particularly useful for creating smoother deformations.


If Viewport Snapping is enabled in the Viewport then it is possible to snap a Capsule's Start/End points along the Capsule's length via the Layer tools. This only works with a Capsule in Start/End mode.