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Pre-Comp Overrides

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A Composition used as a Layer within another Composition is also known as a Pre-Comp. Several Pre-Comps can be added to another Composition as a way to create copies with a single 'source of truth' – any changes made to the original Composition will propagate through to all of its Pre-Comps.

Pre-Comp Overrides can be used to promote a Layer's attributes so they can be accessed and overridden from the Pre-Comp itself. This makes it possible to add variation to several versions of the same Pre-Comp.

Supported Attributes

A Pre-Comp Override can be added to any Attribute that can be keyframed with the exception of drop-downs.

Quick Start
  1. In the Assets Window, rename the default Composition to "Pre-Comp".
  2. Open the Composition Settings and set the Resolution to 500,500.
  3. Create a Text Shape.
  4. Set the Text's Alignment to Centre.
  5. In the Attribute Editor, right click on the String attribute and choose Add Pre-Comp Override.
  6. Create a second Composition and name it "Main".
  7. With the Main Composition active, drag Pre-Comp from the Assets Window into the Scene Window.
  8. Duplicate Pre-Comp in the Scene Window (to create a Layer called Pre-Comp 1).
  9. Move them apart so you can see both of them in the Viewport.
  10. Double click or drag Pre-Comp 1 from the Scene Window into the Attribute Editor.
  11. Open the Overrides tab.
  12. Enter "Override" into the String attribute.
  13. Double click either Pre-Comp to load its parent Composition.
  14. Change the Text Shape's Font.
  15. Load the Main Composition.

The Font for both Pre-Comps has updated but the strings retain their overrides.

Two copies of the same Pre-Comp with overrides added.


For a Layer

To add a Pre-Comp Override:

  1. Select an Attribute or multiple Attributes.
  2. Right click on any selected Attribute's row.
  3. Choose Add Pre-Comp Override.

To remove a Pre-Comp Override:

  1. Select an Attribute or multiple Attributes with an Override.
  2. Right click on an Attribute's row.
  3. Choose Remove Pre-Comp Override.

If an attribute has a Pre-Comp Override applied, a purple dot will appear on the control row to signify this.

For a Pre-Comp

Reveal in Pre-Comp icon - Click the icon to open the origin Composition and load the Layer into the Attribute Editor.

Cog icon - Click the cog icon to enable/disable the Override, set a custom Name for the Attribute and/or add Notes if required.

X - Click the x to remove the Pre-Comp Override.

Use Override - Enable/disable the Pre-Comp Override.