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Editable Shape


An Editable Shape is a non procedural shape which can be created using the Pen or Pencil tools as well as by converting any of the procedural Shapes using the Shapes > Make Editable command (Cmd/Ctrl + E). They can also be created via the Toolbar by checking Make Editable Primitives in the tool options at the top.

Path Animation

You can animate the vertices of an Editable Shape using keyframes and the Edit Shape tool. Also known as path animation.

  1. Draw a Shape with the Pen tool (this creates an Editable Shape).
  2. In the Attribute Editor, click the keyframe icon on the Path attribute.
  3. Move the timeline to a different frame.
  4. With the Edit Shape tool, move any of the Shape's points in the Viewport.

Two keyframes will have been created in the Scene Window and, when scrubbing the timeline, the shape will animate. Any further changes made to the Shape's points will create new keyframes (or update existing ones).


Common Attributes +

Path - Once a keyframe is created any changes you make to the Shape's vertices will create new keyframes and the vertices will transform to each position between keyframes.

Path animation

Use the Animate Path button on an Editable Shape's row in the Scene Tree to set an initial Path keyframe. The same button can be used to remove any keyframes if required.

Fill Rule - Determine how holes are created when multiple Contours exist in one Editable Shape:

  • Even Odd - Any Contour that intersects with another Contour will create a hole.
  • Winding - In order to create a hole, an intersecting Contour must be drawn in the opposite direction to another.

Onion Skinning - When checked the frames before or after the current frame are previewed in the Viewport. Ensure the Onion Skinning Viewport option is also enabled.