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Beta Feature

This is a beta feature. To enable, check Enable Beta Features in Preferences. Beta features are only available as part of a Professional licence.


When you add Shapes to a Layout Shape, the Shapes are stacked next to each other (either vertically, horizontally or in a grid). The Layout Shape's size is then determined by the total size of the Shapes within it. The result is that as you animate a Shape contained in a Layout Shape the others will move in relation to it.


Common Attributes+

Layout - select how Shapes are laid out:

Size - set the dimensions of the Layout Shape. By default, this is connected to Composition's Resolution attribute. To manually set this value, delete this connection.

Add Spacer - spacers can be used to create gaps or blank cells in the Layout.

Layout Items - drag 'n' drop or connect Shapes to this area.There are further options within the Layout Items list. These differ depending on the Layout mode selected:

  • โ€‹- toggle whether a Shape appears in the Layout or not.
  • โ€‹ Settings:
    • Grid Layout
      • Column Span - set how many columns a Shape will span. A setting of 2 will mean a Shape will be placed in a cell 2 columns wide.
      • Row Span - set how many rows a Shape will span. A setting of 2 will mean a Shape will be placed in a cell 2 rows tall.
      • Fixed Position - set a fixed cell for a Shape to be positioned in.
      • Position - set a cell for the Shape to be positioned in. For example, values of 2, 2 will position the Shape in the second column of the second row.
    • Horizontal Layout
      • Baseline - place Shapes on the baseline. This is useful for aligning Text and Shapes.
      • Vertical Alignment - set the vertical alignment for the Shape within its cell.
    • Vertical Layout
      • Horizontal Alignment - set the horizontal alignment for the Shape within its cell.
  • โ€‹- remove the Shape from the Layout Items.

Quick start:

  1. Create 3 Shapes.
  2. Select them all in the Viewport.
  3. Right click and select Embed in Horizontal Layout.

All three shapes are added to a Layout Shape and placed in a horizontal layout. As you adjust the scale or size of the shapes the other will move to accommodate the change.