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Grid Layout Row

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A Grid Layout Row can be used to arrange Shapes in a row for use within a Grid Layout Group.

Introduction to Layouts

Each item placed under a Grid Layout Row will be placed into columns according to the size constraint handed down by the parent Grid Layout Group.

Rows are not influenced by other rows. One Grid Layout Row containing 10 items can be nested within a Grid Layout Group along with a Grid Layout Row containing 3 items. Spacers can be used to create blank layout items within rows to build a grid with even columns.


A Grid Layout Row is only useful when used in combination with a Grid Layout Group. Without it, it does nothing.


A Shape's alignment within a cell can be set via the Vertical/Horizontal Layout Alignment options under its Advanced tab. See Common Attributes (Advanced tab).

Note that a Text Shape's Alignment and Vertical Alignment will be overridden by these settings.


Common Attributes +

Minimum Column Width - Set a minimum width for each column in the row. Connect a Value Array to set individual values for each column.

Ordering Policy - Determine the order Shapes are laid out within the Grid Layout Row:

  • Layer Order - Order the Shapes based on their order within the Grid Layout Row. The Shape at the top of the hierarchy is considered the first layout item.
  • Alphabetical - Order the Shapes alphabetically based on their Layer Name.
  • Shuffle - Randomly order the Shapes.

Flip Order - Reverse the Ordering Policy.

Shuffle Seed - Set the random seed when the Ordering Policy is set to Shuffle.