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Segment Path

Pro Feature

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Segment Paths into smaller sections to create a sub-mesh.


Common Attributes +

Input Shapes - Connect Shapes to split into segments.

Mode - Determine how Paths are segmented:

  • Number of Cuts - The Input Shapes will be evenly split into [Count] parts.
  • Automatic Cuts - The Input Shapes will be automatically split at their points.

Count - Set how many segments to create from the Input Shapes.

Extension Mode -

  • Start - Extend the trim paths from the start of the segment.
  • End - Extend the trim paths from the end of the segment.
  • Both - Extend trim paths from both the start and the end of the segment.

Extend - Set the amount to extend the segments by.

  1. Draw an open path with the Pencil tool.
  2. Create a Segment Path.
  3. Connect path.idsegmentPath.inputShapes
  4. On the Segment Path, click the + on the Deformers attribute and select Sub-Mesh from the list.
  5. On the Sub-Mesh, open the Stroke tab and enable Replace Stroke.
  6. Right click on the Stroke Color attribute and select Add Array > Color Array.
  7. Add three more indices to the Color Array and set different colors for each.

The original path should be segmented into four different colors.