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Apply Font Size


Apply Font Size can be used as a Style Behaviour on a Text Shape.


Mode - Choose a mode for the selection:

  • Regex - Set a Regular Expression to determine which parts of the string will be selected. There are several presets available at the top of the Attribute Editor UI.
  • Specific Indices - Manually enter the indices to determine which lines/ words/ characters are selected.

Index Mode:

  • Line -
  • Word -
  • Character -

Specific Indices - Set the indices to select. Values should be comma , separated for lists or colon : seperated for ranges. e.g. 0,1:3,8 will select indices 0, 1, 2, 3 and 8. You can also enter first or last to procedurally select those indices. Note that a space character is included as an index.

Font Size - set the size of the characters within the selection.