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Bridge Constraint

Pro Feature

Pro features are only available with a Professional licence. To upgrade, visit


Connect Shapes together to form chains or bridge structures in a Forge Dynamics simulation.


Stretch - Determine how much the Constraint stretches. A higher value will result in more elastic looking result.

Frequency (Hz) - A higher value will give the spring more bounce.

Damping Ratio - A higher value will bring the spring to a rest more quickly.

Breakable - When enabled, the Constraint can be broken by other forces.

Breaking Force - Set the amount of force required to break the Constraint.

+Add (button) - Add pins to the Constraint.


  • Mode:
    • Off - Disable the Constraint.
    • Pin - Pin the position of the specified index.
    • Transform - Pin the position of the specified index to a transform.
  • Pinned Index - Set the index to be pinned. The strings first or last can be used to dynamically set the first and last Id when using a Sub-Mesh (e.g. Duplicator) as a Body. Alternatively, entering values here will pin the corresponding Id.
  • Transform - Connect a Shape to set the Pin's position and rotation values.
  • Limit Rotation - Limit the Constraint's rotation.
  • Rotational Limits - Set an upper (U) and lower (L) angle to clamp the Constraint's rotation.