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If Else


Switch between two results depending on whether a condition is true or not.


Condition - A boolean which will output True for any value ≥ 0.5 and False for any value < 0.5.

True - Connect a layer to be output if the Condition is True.

False - Connect an layer to be output if the Condition is False.

  1. Create an Ellipse.
  2. Create 2 Scene Palette colors (blue and green).
  3. Create an If Else Utility.
  4. Connect the green swatch to True.
  5. Connect the blue swatch to False.
  6. Connect ellipse.scale.xifElse.condition.
  7. Connect ifElse.idellipse.fillColor.

As scale moves above and below a value of 0.5 its color will change from green to blue.