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Image from Smart Folder

Beta Feature

This is a beta feature. To enable, check Enable Beta Features in Preferences. Beta features are only available as part of a Professional licence.


Image from Smart Folder can be used to reference assets (images, videos, audio etc) contained within a Smart Folder.


Smart Folder Asset - Connect a Smart Folder from the Assets Window to this attribute.

Path - Enter a filename, or connect a Spreadsheet or Array that includes the filename of one of the assets contained within the Smart Folder.


Example usage:

  1. Import a Smart Folder containing the files apple.png, orange.png and banana.png.
  2. Drag that Smart Folder from the Assets Window into the Attribute Editor or Viewport.
  3. Create an Asset Array.
  4. Add two more indices using the +Add button and enter apple.png, orange.png and banana.png into each.
  5. Connect the Asset Array to the Image from Smart Folder's Path attribute.
  6. Uncheck Auto Index on the Asset Array and enter 1 into the Index.

The image should change from an apple to an orange.

Try swapping the Asset Array for a Spreadsheet and connecting the Render Manager's Dynamic Index to its Index.