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Length Context


Length Context allows you to read the length of a path or paths and pass values through to affect any other attribute.


Remapping - Remap the incoming values.

  1. Create some Trails as per the example usage on the Trails page.
  2. Add a Random Behaviour to trails.length
  3. Set the Random Behaviour's Minimum to 10 and the Maximum to 200.
  4. Create a Length Context.
  5. Set:
    1. Source Minimum to 0
    2. Source Maximum to 200
    3. Minimum to 1
    4. Maximum to 40
  6. Connect lengthContext.idtrails.strokeMaterial.width*.
  7. Press Play.

As the Trails grow in length their Stroke Width will increase (1px when they have a length of 0, 40 at 200).

Try a similar thing with Color (adjust the remap values accordingly) or Connect Shape.