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Generate the radius for a circle which encompasses several Shapes.


Note that the Radius Utility outputs values and does not generate a Shape. Connect the outputs to a Shape (e.g. an Ellipse) to see the results in the Viewport.


Input Shapes - Connect a Shape or Shapes to generate a radius around.

Centre Mode - Determine where the centre of the radius is calculated from:

  • Custom Centre - Manually set a position for the radius' centre.
  • Shapes' Centre - The radius' centre is positioned at the centre of the Input Shapes.
  • Smallest Circle - The radius' centre is positioned by calculating the smallest circle that can encompass the Input Shapes.

Centre - Set a position for the radius' centre when the Centre Mode is set to Custom Centre.

Expand - Add an offset to the Radius and Inner Radius. A positive value will increase the Radius and decrease the Inner Radius.

Centre Position - An output for the Radius' centre.

Radius - An output for the radius.

Inner Radius - An output for the radius of a circle that can be drawn inside the Input Shapes.

  1. Create 3 Shapes.
  2. Move them apart from each other.
  3. Create a Radius Utility.
  4. Connect the 3 Shapes to the Radius Utility's Input Shapes attribute.
  5. Create an Ellipse.
  6. Disable the Ellipse's Fill and enable Stroke.
  7. Connect radius.centrePositionellipse.position.
  8. Connect radius.radiusellipse.radius.
  9. Move the Input Shapes in the Viewport.

The Ellipse will increase/decrease in size as the Shapes are moved.