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String Array


Create a list of strings which can be assigned to other layers via their indices. For example, if connected to a Text Shape which is the Input Shape to a Duplicator, each string in the list will be assigned to the pointIds of the Duplicator.


Mode - Set which index/indices are output:

  • Index - Output all indices within the array.
  • Longest - Output the index with the longest string.
  • Shortest - Output the index with the shortest string.

Auto Index - Automatically output all indices within the array.

Index - Manually output an index within the array (uncheck Auto Index to enable).

Reverse - Invert the order the indices are output in. For example, where there are 3 indices 0,1,2, their order will be reversed to 2,1,0.

Count - Output the number of indices in the array.

Add - Use this button to add more rows (indices) to the array.

0: String - The first index in the array. By default, this is a single line input but entering a soft return (Shift + Return) will convert the UI to a multi-line input.


Start with a Text Shape in a Duplicator.

  1. Create 3 indices (Add button) and enter some text for each index.
  2. Connect stringArray.idtextShape.string.
  3. Connect a Random Behaviour to the Array Index of the String Array.
  4. Set Min and Max on Random to 0 and 2 (to match the 3 indices in the array - 0,1,2)

Each duplicated Text Shape will be randomly set one of the three strings you entered for each index.