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Typeface Array

Auto Index - when checked the node will automatically output all indices.

Index - select the index within the array.

Add - use this button to add more rows (indices) to the UI.

0: Typeface - the first index in the array.


Example usage:

  1. Create a Text Shape.
  2. Select the Text Shape and, holding alt/option, click the Duplicator icon in the Shelf.
  3. Set Count.x to 1.
  4. Create 3 Typeface Atoms.
  5. Set a different font for each one.
  6. Create a Typeface Array.
  7. + Add 2 more indices.
  8. Connect each Typeface to each index on the Typeface Array.
  9. Connect > textShape.typeface.

Each word in your Duplicator should now have a different typeface.


Typeface is the backbone to what will become proper 'per character' text access so it may change over time as we further develop the feature.