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Value2 Array


Create a list of two dimensional values that can be assigned to other Layers via their indices.


Auto Index - When checked the Layer will automatically output all indices.

Array Index - Select the index within the array.

Reverse - Invert the order the indices are output in. For example, where there are 3 indices 0,1,2, their order will be reversed to 2,1,0.

Count - Output the number of indices in the array.

Add - Use this button to add more rows (indices) to the UI.

0: Value - The first index in the array. Set two dimensional values.

  1. Create a Value2 Array.
  2. + Add a second index.
  3. Set values for X, Y of 1920, 1080 and 720, 720 for each index.
  4. Open the Composition Settings and, by clicking and dragging its header, make the window persistent.
  5. Connect value2Array.idcomposition1.resolution.
  6. Uncheck Auto Index on the Value2 Array.
  7. Set the Array Index to a value of 1.

As the Array Index is toggled between values of 0 and 1 the Composition Resolution will change from 1920 x 1080px to 720 x 720px.