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Visibility Collision Event

Pro Feature

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Affect the Visibility or Opacity of Shapes when they collide within a Forge Dynamics simulation.


Mode -

  • Visibility - Hide Shapes when they collide. Note that this does not remove the Shapes from the collision.
  • Opacity - Set the Shape's Opacity when it collides.

Visibility - If a Body starts with its visibility off, checking this attribute will set the Body's visibility to on after its first collision.

Opacity - Set the Opacity to be applied to a Shape when it collides.

Specific Collisions - When checked, use the Collision Numbers attribute to define which collisions are used.

Collision Numbers - Enter a value to specify which collision(s) are used to trigger the event. 0 is the first collision and use comma separated values to include multiple collisions. For example, entering 0,2 would include the first and third collisions.

Fade Changes - When checked, the Shape will return to its original settings.

Fade Time - Define the time (secs) it takes for a Shape to return to its original settings.

Use Collision Index - When checked, each collision will add 1 to its index. This can be used, for example, in combination with a Value Array connected to the Opacity – each time a Shape collides its Opacity will be change to the next value in the Array.