Licence Types

Cavalry offers 2 types of licence:

  • Free - requires no payment or credit card details to use.

  • Professional - a paid version available as a monthly or annual subscription.


The free version is intended for learning or evaluation purposes. It has no expiry so can be used for as long as you like. It's also fully featured bar a few exceptions:

  • Renders and exports are restricted to 960 x 540px. You can work in a Composition of any size but any output will be resized to a maximum of either of those dimensions.

  • The Viewport, exports and renders are all watermarked.

  • .h264 or h.265 codecs are not supported.

  • You cannot import or export scenes.

The Free version saves .cv files.


The Professional version is completely unrestricted and saves to .cv files. These are human readable .json files.


  • A Professional .cv file can be shared and opened using either a Free or Professional licence.

  • A Free .cv file can be shared and opened;

    • using a Free licence or;

    • using a Professional licence if the file was created by the same user.


An internet connection is required to authenticate your licence the first time you open Cavalry.

It's possible to use Cavalry offline but you will be required to periodically authenticate online to maintain access.

Information about your licence can be found in the About Window.

  • Email: - the user currently signed in.

  • Licence Class: - the type of licence in use:

    • Free - you are signed in with a Free licence.

    • Professional - you are signed in with a Professional licence.

  • Licence Status: - the status of the licence:

    • Active - the licence is active.

    • Offline - when offline you will find an indication of how many days you have left until you are required to re-authenticate.

    • Suspended - indicates a problem with payment along with an indication of how many days you have left to resolve the problem. Please visit to resolve the issue or contact [email protected].

    • Expired - your licence is no longer valid. You will need to sign up for another Free or Professional licence via

If you cancel a Pro subscription your licence is removed at the end of the billing cycle. In order to use Cavalry again you will need to order a new Free or Professional licence. You can do this via the website using the same user and password.