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1.0.1 Release Notes

Released 26th August 2020


This release is primarily intended to resolve issues several Windows users were experiencing in relation to editing color and/or using external tablet devices. It also includes various other small improvements and enhancements.

New Elements/Features




Experimental features can be turned on in the Preferences Window.

  • Magic Easing - apply mathematical interpolation between keyframes. Note - we are following the forthcoming Web Animation standard which may be unfamiliar for After Effects users. See here for more info.
  • Bake Keyframe Animation command.

General Enhancements/ Important fixes

  • All String attributes now have a + from which you can easily add a String Generator.
  • Zooming of the Viewport and Time Editor with a Stylus is now possible via alt + double click + drag
  • You can now save Gradients to the Library Palette. Right click on the gradient widget, and choose ‘Save to Palette’.
  • You can now load Gradients to the Library Palette. First select a Gradient attribute, then use the Library Palette menu and choose ‘Set Gradient from Palette’.
  • The Arc and Super Ellipse primitives are now drawn with bezier curves by default.
  • Moving the animation of a parent Shape will now also move the animation of all its children.
  • The Message Bar now has a queue. Previously, if two messages were sent to the Message Bar too quickly, one would be lost. You can now click the Message Bar to view all the messages in the queue.
  • The Message Bar bar now also has a messages popover, click the button on the left hand side of the Message Bar to open a list of past messages.
  • The Render Manager will now pop up a warning dialogue if a Render Queue Item will overwrite existing files.