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1.5.0 Release Notes

Release date: 12th January 2023

1.4 Release Notes
File Version Bump

Scenes originally created in Cavalry 1.4 or older will be converted when opening them in Cavalry 1.5. The file will be copied to a new scene which will need saving – you'll notice the legacy scene will be named <yourSceneName> [Converted].cv on opening. Any scenes saved in 1.5 onwards will not be compatible with previous versions of Cavalry.

New Features


A new hierarchy based layouts system which replaces the now deprecated Layout Shape (beta):

  • PRO Layout Group - arrange Shapes in either a horizontal or vertical layout.
  • PRO Grid Layout Row - arrange Shapes in a row for use within a Grid Layout Group.
  • PRO Grid Layout Group - arrange Grid Layout Rows into columns to create a grid.





  • New info, warn, error and debug console methods.

API Module

Script UI

  • setOpenLocation - set the path which Finder/Explorer opens to when clicking the folder icon.
  • New Callbacks:
    • onAssetAdded
    • onAssetRemoved
    • onLayerAdded
    • onLayerRemoved
    • onJSError
    • onAttributeSelectionChanged
    • onPointSelectionChanged
    • onKeySelectionChanged


  • Dithering Filter - This has been improved and now has more Modes/Patterns.
  • Halftone Filter - The Halftone Filter has been replaced. Any Scenes created in 1.4 that used the Halftone Filter will load with the legacy Filter – we recommend replacing it with the new version but note that feature parity is not 100% for the settings.
  • Clicking the header of the Scene Tree will now deselect all Layers.
  • Layout options have been added to the Shelf.
  • Cavalry .cv files are now saved to a compact format to reduce file size. Converting the compact file to pretty-print in VSCode/Sublime/etc. or via a website like will reflow the files into the previous 'human readable' form.
  • Holding Option/Alt when double clicking a keyframe in the Time Editor will now move the playhead to that keyframe's frame.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Non GUI encrypted scripts now load as expected.
  • Importing specific Sheets for Google Sheets on Windows are now working as expected again.
  • Renaming Layers included in Control Centre now update as expected.
  • Nudging Clips (-/=) is now working again.
  • Several issues with Keyframe Layers have been resolved.
  • Right click > Add Background to Selected now works again.
  • An issue where frame 0 in the Time Editor would get stuck when zooming the view has been fixed.
  • An issue where keyframes on a parent were causing vertical misalignment in the Scene Window when using the Animation Layer Filter has been fixed.
  • Easing is now respected when using the Option/Alt key to duplicate and replace path animation keyframes in the Time Editor.
  • An issue where sub-meshes would move together when Stagger was being used as a Time Offset and the number of sub-meshes was less than the Stagger range has been fixed.
  • As a fix for an issue related to the Freeze Calculations feature, Scenes now open on the first frame of the Playback Range rather than the current frame the scene was saved on.
  • An issue with not being able to edit keyframes on Shaders as part of the Distortion Filter has been fixed.