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2.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: 31st January 2024

2.0 Release Notes
File Version Bump

Scenes created in Cavalry 2.0.0 will be converted when opening them in Cavalry 2.0.1. The file will be copied to a new scene which will need saving – you'll notice the legacy scene will be named <yourSceneName> [Converted].cv on opening. Any scenes saved in 2.0.1 onwards will not be fully compatible with any previous versions of Cavalry.

macOS Version Bump

Minimum requirements on macOS have been bumped to 11.0 (Big Sur) for the 2.0.1 release.

New Features


API Module

Cavalry Module


When setting variables for JavaScript Layers at the global level, any legacy files that were using let or const will now be converted to var.


Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when opening Scenes that contained JavaScript Layers connected to other JavaScript Layers.
  • Fixed a crash with the 'cp1' object for quadTo in the Cavalry Module.
  • Fixed a bug where making connections to existing indices in an Array via the Scene Window was actually adding new indices.
  • Fixed a bug where making connections to replace connections to existing indices in an array/list via the Scene Window was actually adding new indices/items.
  • Fixed a crash when hitting undo after adding some of the Demo Scenes.
  • Fixed an issue where opening/importing certain Scenes containing a combination of multiple Compositions and Assets was causing a crash.
  • Connections from math Layers to checkboxes (e.g. math.idifElse.condition) were being unintentionally blocked.
  • Connections from rotation to certain Layer types (e.g. shape.rotationvalueArray.array.0) from 1.5.6 Scenes were being removed when opening in 2.0.