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2.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: 22nd February 2024

2.0 Release Notes
File Version Bump

Scenes created in Cavalry 2.0.2 will be converted when opening them in Cavalry 2.0.3. The file will be copied to a new scene which will need saving – you'll notice the legacy scene will be named <yourSceneName> [Converted].cv on opening. Any scenes saved in 2.0.3 onwards will not be fully compatible with any previous versions of Cavalry.

New Features



  • Fill and Stroke are now first class Utilities. It has always been possible to 'Reveal Generator' for these but this change means it's now easier to share materials (including Shaders) by connecting these Utilities to Shapes.



We've spotted a bit of a mix up with colors in the API. hexToRgb and hsvToRgb return values in the range 0…1 but Cavalry expects 0..255. These have now been hidden in favour of hexToRgba and hsvToRgba but old scripts will be unaffected as the functions remain.


  • Cross context Pre-Selection Highlighting. When hovering a Shape in the Viewport, its row will also highlight in the Scene Window (and vice versa).
  • The number of decimals displayed across the UI is now reduced. Float values (values that can include decimals) now hide any trailing zeros beyond the first decimal place. For example, 1.00 or 2.130 will resolve to 1.0 or 2.13 respectively.
  • The expanded/collapsed state for UIs in the Attribute Editor is now remembered when switching Compositions.
  • Alpha is now supported for WebM export.
  • Text Shapes now automatically rename themselves based on their String. This only happens if you have not explicitly set a nice name for the Layer.
  • The Bounding Box Utility can now calculate values on a defined frame.
  • Improved visual spacing between settings in the Tool Settings window.
  • Add Divisions now has an Edge Length mode.
  • It's now possible to toggle the frame indicator in the Scene Window to a timecode by Option/Alt clicking.
  • Connection Hints - when selecting a Layer, the connection icons in the Scene Window of any other Layers connected to it will be hinted with an outline.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Using a Shape as a Track Matte to a Text Shape is now working.
  • The Align Deformer is now working again when used in a Pre-Comp.
  • Undoing connecting a Shader to a Shape via the Scene Window is now working.