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2.1.1 Release Notes

Release date: 30th May 2024

2.1 Release Notes

New Features


  • New Extend Open Paths Behaviour - Extend the ends of open Paths along their tangents or a custom angle.


  • The Glow Filter has been updated and is now a feature. Note that this is not fully backwards compatible so may need adjusting in legacy Scenes.




  • New Seed attribute for the Noise Behaviour's Noise Types.
  • The quality of View > Show Snapshots > All ( Option/Alt + 5) has been improved.
  • Copy Keyframes/Animated Attribute now appears in the Time Editor and Graph Editor contextual menus.
  • The Animation > Animate Along Path > Move Along Path command now works if a Null or Falloff and Path are selected. Previously this would error despite being a valid selection.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a YUV colour profile conversion issue when exporting to MP4.
  • You can now make connections to the new Render Range attribute under the Dynamic tab in the Render Manager. Note that, for Scenes saved in earlier versions that contain connections to the previous Number of Renders attribute, an Attribute Expression of -1 is added to the converted renderRange.e connection. This is because e.g. 10 renders is now represented as 0..9. We're aware of an issue where the input connection icon isn't displaying – the right click menu can be used to remove the connection.
  • Windows - The Option/Alt + scroll and Shift + scroll hotkeys for interaction in the Time Editor have been restored.
  • Dragging keybars in the Time Editor no longer causes flashes.
  • The dotted lines that visually connect animated attributes in the Scene Tree are correctly aligned with the 'show animation' toggle again.
  • Fixed an issue preventing removing connections to child attributes via the contextual menu.
  • Fixed a crash duplicating swatches in the Library, Label and Scene Palettes.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Sheets Assets occasionally failing to load.
  • Using an Align Behaviour with Shapes that were being masked in a Pre-Comp now works as expected.


We're aware of a situation where previously deleted Compositions (and their Layers) could persist within the .cv file. This is harmless but meant that these Layers appeared as tags on These hidden Compositions will now appear when opening Scenes so they can be cleaned up. In the meantime, we're still on the hunt for the root cause so if this affects one of your Scenes, we'd love to hear from you.