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AKA Hotkeys

Application wide shortcuts:#

cmd/ctrl + . (period/fullstop)Open Quick Add window
option/alt + pOpen Project Settings window
cmd/ctrl + zUndo.
cmd/ctrl + shift + zRedo.
bSet playback start frame
nSet playback end frame
vSelect Tool
tText Tool
aEdit Shape Tool
cmd/ctrl + tSet position keyframe.
cmd/ctrl + option/alt + right arrowMove to next keyframe
cmd/ctrl + option/alt + left arrowMove to previous keyframe
; (semicolon)Play/Stop
qScrub frames by dragging left or right
cmd/ctrl + pParent
cmd/ctrl + shift + pUn-parent
EscapeCancel Render
cmd/ctrl + option/alt + uLoad the selection into the Attribute Editor
=Nudge keyframe forward 1 frame
-Nudge keyframes backward 1 frame
+Nudge keyframe forward 5 frames
_ (underscore)Nudge keyframes backward 5 frames

Frame Stepping#

The number of frames you step is controlled by the Playback Step setting in the Composition Settings. This is 1 by default. Using the shift modifier will multiply this number by 5.

cmd/ctrl + right arrowMove forward 1 frame.
cmd/ctrl + left arrowMove backward 1 frame
cmd/ctrl + shift + right arrowMove forward 5 frames
cmd/ctrl + shift + left arrowMove backward 5 frames

Time Editor#

[Set the start of the visibility bar range to current frame.
]Set the end of the visibility bar range to current frame.
option/alt + [Clip start of visibility bar to current frame.
option/alt + ]Clip end of visibility bar to current frame.