Make instances of Elements.

Beta Feature. To enable, check Enable Beta Features in Preferences.

Aliasing allows you to make a copies of Elements and determine whether attributes are common to each other or not. This is useful where you might want to create Elements that share many attributes but need one or two (or more) to have different settings.

This could be anything. Radius, Color, Falloffs, Number of Sides, Text, Alignment, etc.

Example workflow:

  1. Create an Polygon.

  2. In the Project Window, right click on the Polygon and select Create Alias.

  3. Move one of your Shapes in the Viewport.

  4. Load the Attribute Editor UIs for both Polygon Shape and Polygon Shape (Alias).

  5. Right click on Sides for Polygon Shape (Alias) and select Switch Alias State. The attribute should turn green.

  6. Adjust the Sides value.

  7. Adjust the Radius value(s).

While the changes you made to the Radius effect both Polygons, the change to Sides only effected Polygon Shape (Alias).

If an attribute is green it is not aliased. This means any changes will not be mirrored on other aliased Elements.