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Distributions are used by several other nodes including the Duplicator and Connect Shape. They provide a way to position Shapes.

Array - manually place Shapes using by specifying positions for each id.

Circle - place Shapes in a radial pattern.

Custom -

Fibonacci - place Shapes in a Fibonacci spiral pattern.

Grid - place Shapes in a grid layout.

Linear - place Shapes along a horizontal or vertical line.

Mask - distribute shapes a then remove any that fall outside another shape.

Math - use mathematical expressions to place Shapes.

Path - place Shapes along a path.

Point - place Shapes on a single point.

Random - randomly position Shapes.

Rose - place Shapes in a rose pattern.

Shape Edges - place Shapes along another Shape's edges.

Shape Points - place Shapes on another Shape's points.

Sort - rearrange the Ids of another Distribution.

Shuffle - rearranges the Ids of a sub-mesh.

Sub-Mesh - place Shapes using the positions of Shapes contained within a sub-mesh.

Voxelize - place Shapes by voxelizing another Shape.