Vector artwork support

Copy/pasting SVG.

As well as importing SVG as an Asset, Cavalry supports pasting SVG code from other applications into the Viewport. Pasting svg code from the clipboard will create a Custom Shape containing the copied paths.

A (non exhaustive) list of other popular vector applications that support SVG:



Adobe Illustrator

Edit > Copy (cmd/ctrl + c)


Right click on a path and select Copy/Paste > Copy as SVG.

Serif Affinity Designer

Edit > Copy (cmd/ctrl + c). Ensure Copy Items as SVG is checked in Preferences > General.

To copy a shape to the clipboard as SVG from Cavalry, select a shape(s) in the Viewport and right click > Copy as SVG.

Support or svg can be a little mixed as it is not a fully featured format. For example, the SVG format has no native support for Inner or Outer Stroke and, as a consequence, different apps have different ways of working around this problem. For this reason you may not get 100% parity when exchanging files between applications.