File menu

New Scene - create a new empty scene.

Open... - open a previously created scene.

Open Recent - open any of the last 5 opened scenes.

Restore Autosave -

Save - save your scene.

Save As... - save your scene to a new location or filename.

Import Scene - import another .cv or .cvc file.

Export Selected - export any selected (and connected) Elements to a .cvc file.

Import Asset - open the Finder/ Explorer import dialogue.

Import Google Sheet - open the Import Google Sheet window.

Project Settings - open the Project Settings window.

Open Recent Project - select any of the last 5 Projects.

Render Manager - open the Render Manager.

Render Current Frame... - render the current frame to .png.

Render Current Frame to SVG... - exports the current frame to SVG.

There is limited Shader support for Fill and Stroke via SVG export. Cavalry only supports the color set on the Color attribute and a single Linear Gradient Shader. All color stops on a linear gradient must be set to 255 (100%) Alpha and the Color Filter attribute must also be set to None.

Anything else will result in a black Fill and/ or Stroke.