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Documentation - view the documentation 🤔

Tips and Tricks - open the Tips and Tricks window.

Video Tutorials - find tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Report a Bug - report a bug via our GitLab page.

Getting Started - launch the Getting Started window.

Send Anonymised Analytics - allow Cavalry to send anonymised analytics data to help us understand how it is being used.

Send Anonymised Crash Reports - in the event of a crash, Cavalry will send a report to which helps us resolve issues for future versions of Cavalry.

Open Preferences Folder - open the directory on the file system where preferences are stored.

Open Logs Folder - open the directory on the file system where logs are stored. This can be useful if asked to send logs as part of a support ticket.

View Account - sign in to manage your account.

Refresh Licence - this will refresh your licence. In the event you have upgraded from Free to Professional you can run this command to derestrict Cavalry without needing to close the application.

Sign Out... - sign out of your user account.