Pen tool

Draw editable Shapes.

Draw editable shapes in the Viewport.

  • Click to create linear points.

  • Click and drag to create bezier points.

A preview path is displayed as you draw.

A circle will appear over an existing point to indicate when a path will be closed.

Tool settings

Stroke Width - set the width of the Stroke.

Cap Style - set the appearance of caps (each end of the stroke) for open paths.

  • Flat - a flat end that terminates at the end point.

  • Round - a hemispherical end with the end point at its centre.

  • Projecting - a flat end that projects half the Width beyond the end point.

Close Distance - if you end your line within this value of the start point a closed path will be created. Note - this value is independent of the Viewport scale.




cmd/ctrl + /

Clear the path currently being drawn.

cmd/ctrl + click

Commit a path and then begin drawing another.


Snap to an axis while drawing.


Create a straight line following a bezier point while drawing.