Pencil tool

Draw freehand editable Shapes.

Click and drag in the viewport to draw with the Pencil.

A single Shape can contain more more than one Path. Select your Shape and hold ctrl/cmd as you draw to add to an existing path.

Tool settings

Stroke Width - set the width of the Stroke.

Cap Style - set the appearance of caps (each end of the stroke) for open paths.

  • Flat - a flat end that terminates at the end point.

  • Round - a hemispherical end with the end point at its centre.

  • Projecting - a flat end that projects half the Width beyond the end point.

Accuracy - determine how closely your resulting shape resembles your cursor movements. A higher setting will result in a more accurate shape but will create more points.

Close Distance - if you end your line within this value of the start a closed path will be created. Note - this value is independent of the Viewport scale.


We've started work on a redraw feature which allows you to redraw pencil paths. To try it out:

  1. Draw an open path with the Pencil.

  2. Hold r and hover over the path. A preview line should appear.

  3. click and start drawing.

The end of the path will be removed and replaced with the one you draw in step 3.