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Window menu


The Windows menu holds options and commands to launch and arrange Windows.


Workspaces - Select a Workspace to layout the Windows in.

Save Workspace... - Save the current layout to a Workspace.

Reset to Default Workspace - Reset the layout to the default Workspace.

Align Window - See Align Window.

Animation Utilities - See Animation Utilities

Assets Window - See Assets Window

Attribute Editor - See Attribute Editor

Color Window - See Color Window

Control Centre - See Control Centre

Flow Graph - See Flow Graph

Glyph Browser - See Glyph Browser

JavaScript Console - See JavaScript Console

JavaScript Editor - See JavaScript Editor

Mesh Explorer - See Mesh Explorer

Message Bar - See Message Bar

Add Layers - See Add Layers

Scene Stats - See Scene Stats

Scene Window - See Scene Window

Shelf - See Shelf

Tag Window - See Tag Window

Tool Settings - See Tool Settings

Toolbar - See Toolbar

Show Viewport - Viewport

Focus Mode - Toggle the window layout between the active Workspace and a reduced Workspace consisting of the Viewport and the Toolbar.