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Animation Utilities


A selection of helpful utility commands.


Bake Animation - This command will take any selected animation curves and attempt to simplify them based on the accuracy setting chosen (Low, Medium or High). A higher setting will result in a more accurate shape but will create more keyframes.

Snap Selected to Current Frame - Snap all selected keys to the current frame.

Reverse Animation - Reverse the animation curves of selected attributes/keyframes. Select attributes or keyframes in the Scene Window and hit the button.

Reset Transform Attributes - Reset the Position, Rotation, Scale and Pivot attributes on a Shape or Shapes. Select a Shape(s) and hit the button.

Crop Animation to Selected Keys - Delete any non selected keys. Select several keys and hit the button. This command will only affect attributes which include selected keys.

Delete Animation for Element - Delete all animation for selected Elements.

Nudge Value - Increase/ decrease the value of selected keys. Set a +/- value and hit Go!

Nudge Frame - Increase/ decrease the frame of selected keys. Set a +/- value and hit Go!