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Audio Smart Folder

Pro Feature

Pro features are only available with a Professional licence. To upgrade, visit


An Audio Smart Folder can be used to import a folder containing audio assets which can then be referenced via external data or connections.

See the Assets Window for a list of supported audio formats.

Audio Export

Audio export is a Professional feature.

To import an Audio Smart Folder:

  1. Right click in the Assets Window and choose Import Audio Smart Folder...
  2. Navigate to a directory on the file system containing audio files and hit OK.

Once a folder is imported it can be used in combination with an Asset from Smart Folder Utility. Dragging the Audio Smart Folder from the Assets Window into the Scene Window or Viewport will create and connect an Asset from Smart Folder Utility and Footage Shape - update the Asset from Smart Folder's Path to the location of the audio track relative to the Audio Smart Folder to reference it. For example, path/to/track.wav.

  1. Import an Audio Smart Folder containing the files beep.wav, bloop.wav and whoosh.wav.
  2. Drag that Audio Smart Folder from the Assets Window into the Attribute Editor or Viewport. This will create an Asset from Smart Folder Utility and Sound Behaviour.
  3. Create a String Array.
  4. Add two more indices using the +Add button and enter beep.wav, bloop.wav and whoosh.wav into each.
  5. Connect the String Array to the Asset from Smart Folder's Path attribute.
  6. Uncheck Auto Index on the Asset Array and enter 1 into the Index.

During playback, bloop.wav will be audible.

Try swapping the String Array for a Spreadsheet and connecting the Render Manager's Dynamic Index to its Index.

Smart Folder Depth

Smart Folders are limited to a maximum depth of 5 directories for performance reasons. In the example below, the track in the Level5 directory will be accessible whereas the track in the Level6 directory will not.

📁 Root
┠ 📁 Level1
┠ track.wav
┠ 📁 Level2
┠ track.wav
┠ 📁 Level3
┠ track.wav
┠ 📁 Level4
┠ track.wav
┠ 📁 Level5
┠ track.wav
┠ 📁 Level6
┠ track.wav